Salvation Army Hotel Vouchers: A Lifeline for Those in Need Finding shelter during times of crisis and homelessness is often a struggle. Organizations such as The Salvation Army are here to provide help – with its hotel voucher program providing temporary shelter to individuals and families while they work towards finding more permanent solutions.

How Does the Salvation Army Hotel Vouchers Program Operate?

The Salvation Army Hotel Vouchers Program was developed to assist individuals and families experiencing homelessness or risk becoming homeless, offering hotel vouchers which can be used to secure temporary stays at participating hotels. The vouchers aim to provide immediate relief by offering immediate lodging vouchers as temporary solutions.

Individuals seeking access to this program can apply online through the Salvation Army’s official website, where the application process is both user-friendly and efficient, enabling applicants to provide personal details as well as details regarding their current situation. Once submitted, their application is reviewed by a team of staff members at Salvation Army who assess eligibility and need for assistance.

Salvation Army provides hotel vouchers that may be redeemed at participating hotels upon approval, covering temporary accommodations for up to a limited number of nights based on an individual’s specific circumstances and available funds.

Who Qualifies for Salvation Army Hotel Vouchers?

Salvation Army Hotel Vouchers

The Salvation Army Hotel Vouchers program aims to help individuals and families who are either experiencing homelessness or at risk of becoming homeless. Eligibility criteria may differ depending on where a family resides and their available resources, however common factors will likely include:

Proof of Homelessness or Imminent Risk : (Widow/Victim and Income Level and Need).
Funds and Resources
The Salvation Army strives to assist those most in need, prioritizing aid based on urgency of need. While resources may limit assistance given out through its program, some applicants may receive vouchers.

Additional Assistance from Salvation Army
The Salvation Army understands that temporary shelter is only one aspect of homelessness, so in addition to their hotel voucher program they provide supportive services designed to help individuals and families find long-term solutions such as:

Case Management and Counseling Its Employment Assistance, Job Training and Housing Referrals and Assistance and Budget Support and Education.

Access to healthcare and essential resources
By offering comprehensive support services, The Salvation Army aims to empower individuals and families alike to meet current challenges head on and look ahead to a brighter future.


The Salvation Army’s hotel voucher program serves as a crucial lifeline for individuals and families experiencing homelessness. Through their convenient online application process, it makes accessing temporary shelter and support services simpler for those in need. By lending support during times of distress, the Salvation Army assists individuals on their path toward stability and a brighter future.

If you or someone in your life requires temporary shelter, reach out to the Salvation Army’s hotel voucher program – together, we can make a difference in those lives who need help the most.

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